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Saga - Part 08 - Game 4 - Normans Vs Anglo-Danes

Posted By: Rich

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Match 4 - Rematch between Rich and James

Initial Deployment sees the Normans adopt a much more defensive posture, with the Ranged units (1x Warrior, 1x Levy) forming the line, with the Mounted Hearthguard being held back for counter-attacking when the line is attacked.

Anglo-Danish deployment hugs the cover, hoping to avoid too much damage from ranged vollys

Anglo-Dane Hearthguard with Great-Axes advance through the woods on the right flank

Normans Accrue heavy fatigue from the Anglo-Danes abilities, fortunatly their conservative deployment pays dividends, with the Anglo-Danish attack on their Left through the woods being beaten back by their cavalry reserves

Lessons Learned

  • 6 Turns is not a very long time