Assorted Geekery

Badab war – 17 – Carcharodons – dunked and almost finished

Having painted the last squad of carcharodons i decided the time had come to dunk them and see how my choice of basing grit worked out. Its the larger typr of GF9 basing stuff and while its more of a pain to put on i dont think its turned out […]

Badab war – 15 – tyrants legion 07 – Auxilia Heavy Ordnance Battery

Part of the badab back story is that Huron loves bug guns, so quite a big part of the legions army is artillery and they have 3 earth shaker cannons on the table 2 basalisks and 1 artillry battery. they also get a bombard strike from off table thats str […]

Badab war – 14 – tyrants legion 06 – Auxilia Hellhound Flame Tank Squad

Next of the production line is a hellhound flame tank. This hopefully should be good for clearing cover and just puts one more tank on the table. It comes with the bonus of being able to start its template up to 12 inches away and can fire at 90 degrees […]

Badab war – 13 – tyrants legion 05 – Auxilia Battle Tank Squadron part 2

Fresh of the painting table are 2 of the 3 tank squads. The entire formation is designed to be able to handle all kinds of table setup. First group dosent have sponsons and so is designed to stay still and cover open ground with fire, the second group has heavy […]

Badab war – 12 – tyrants legion 04 – Auxilia Armsmen Cadre

The next stage of the tyrants legion is completed. The Auxilia Armsmen Cadre, these are slightly better troops that the Legion Auxilia and come with a heavy weapons team and a heavy stubber so can put down some pritty good fire power. Yes i have used Muntant Chronicle minatures for […]

Badab war – 11 – Army lists part 2

First the final tyrants legion army. Coming in at 3505 now with all the extras on the models now accounted for total points 3505 No units 113 type unit total points Base points additional points items number of units HQ* Legion Centurion 75 55 20 1 Ellite Renegade marauder squad […]

Badab War – 08 – tyrants Legion 01 – Auxilia Siege Defense Squadron

So while i’ve been waiting for the last few bits of the Carcharodonds to arive i’ve made a start on the tyrants legion. I decided to have them as the 2nd army as i had most of the components to actually get them finished with out having to hit ebay […]

Badab War – 09 – tyrants Legion 02 – legion Auxilia part 1

So the main reason for the big gap in posts other than football and a bad shoulder have been these bad boys. The Auxilia is a 40 man squad, yes thats 40 MODELS!!!11111111 For these i’m using the chaos cultists from the 6th ed boxset, yes they are a bit […]

Badab war – 10 – tyrants legion 03 – Legion Auxilia part 2

So its nearly broken me but finally the legion auxilia squad is finished! they are great models to paint given the fact they come out of a starter box set.    So i’m pritty happy with how these have turned out as they have the urban malitia element i was […]