Assorted Geekery

SW1V – Run 02 – DM 30th April 2006

Second time out and the big man himself was dropped. The final battle was preceeded spectacular fights at Smite, where he had to be downed with 2 additional adds, and at a ninja-pulled Cookie. A bad pull at Greenskin cost the group a single wipe, but fast progress through the respawns got the group to the top of the ship in good order. Van Cleef fell soon after in the groups toughest fight to date.


Eredin Warrior Lvl 19
Silentninja Rogue Lvl 17
Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 19
Davlin Priest Lvl 16
Mellinda Warlock Lvl 16

Phat Lewtz:
Corsair's Overshirt

Gratz to Mellinda

Lessons Learned:

  • Some pulls are just a wipe, deal with it.!
  • Pros trade healthstones between overpulled Smite phases.

SW1V – Run 03 – WC 14th May 2006

Wailing Caverns were cleared in the groups first venture into horde terriotory. With only one wipe Mutaus The Devourer fell in a run packed with good loot and a rare spawn dragon. A good run for an unfamiliar instance.

Eredin Warrior Lvl 21
Silentninja Rogue Lvl 18
Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 20
Davlin Priest Lvl 17
Mellinda Warlock Lvl 18

Not sure about lvls at start. But these are fairly close

Phat Lewtz:

Viper Stinger

Gratz to Eredin


Gratz to Davlin

Slime-Encrusted Pads

Gratz to Mellinda

Lessons Learned:
Unauthorized DPS is punishable by corpse dance!
ZOMFG First Dragon Kill!

SW1V – Run 04 – WC 20th May 2006

Following on from the previous WC run the party was held up by a horde party at the entrance to the network of caves. All looked lost for our heroes as a great Tauren warrior barred the way home. From nowhere a Paladin with an immense (blantantly warrior) sword descended to slay the infidels! The party was escorted to Ratchet to repair before returning once more to the home of Mutanus. A clear run with zero wipes ensued. Deviate Faerie Dragon spawned but overall loot was poor. And still no shield from Kresh! Nice chest tho ty!

Eredin Warrior Lvl 22
Silentninja Rogue Lvl 20
Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 22
Davlin Priest Lvl 19
Mellinda Warlock Lvl 19

Phat Lewtz:

Mutant Scale Breastplate

Gratz to Eredin

Lessons Learned:
Epic Lvl 60 alts FTW! Kresh hates Tom!

SW1V – Run 07 – SFK 2nd June 2006

Second time in Shadowfang Keep turned out quite easy for the group! A fast run with no wipes or deaths yielded some good loots. Odo was taken down with additional mobs due to a runaway feared bat, but the Wolfmaster and Arugal himself were downed without trouble. Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 25 (Tom) Silentninja Rogue Lvl 24 (Rich) Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 25 (Matt) Davlin Priest Lvl 22 (Alex) Mellinda Warlock Lvl 23 (James) Phat Lewtz: Gratz to Eredin Gratz to Davlin Gratz to Davlin Lessons Learned: Do not fear bats on Odo lol. Arugal is not alone!

SW1V – Run 09 – RFK 9th Dec 2006

An unexpected late night run saw the group clear their second instance in horde territory. Charlga Razorflank fell at the first attempt in the early hours of the morning. Although relatively challenging, the group suffered only a single wipe due to some "unfortunate" pulling. A rarespawn bat brought some nice caster loot. Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 28 (Tom) Silentninja Rogue Lvl 27 (Rich) Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 29 (Matt) Davlin Priest Lvl 27 (Alex) Mellinda Warlock Lvl 27 (James) Phat Lewtz: Gratz to Eredin Gratz to Mellinda Gratz to Eredin Lessons Learned: Seven pigs is too many The barrens dont get any smaller.

SW1V – Run 05 – DM 25th May 2006

Deadmines cleared in what may be the groups last venture the Westfall instance. Smite was downed with multiple adds again. One wipe only due to the usual Captain Greenskin ninja pull but soulstone to the rescue. Vancleef was taken down cleanly. Very nice loots this run. Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 23 Silentninja Rogue Lvl 22 Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 23 Davlin Priest Lvl 20 Mellinda Warlock Lvl 20 Phat Lewtz: Taskmaster Axe Gratz to Daftwandarer Lavishly Jeweled Ring Gratz to Daftwandarer Emberstone Staff Gratz to Davlin Gratz to Mellinda Gratz to Silentninja Lessons Learned: Those walkways should have safety rails FFS! Third time is a charm.

SW1V – Run 06 – SFK 30th May 2006

Shadowfang Keep was cleared at the first attempt. With most players at the bottom end of the level bracket Arugal was taken down in a close fight. Only 2 wipes occured during the run, mostly due to obscene aggro radius. Gratz to all on completeing the instance at such a low level! Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 24 Silentninja Rogue Lvl 23 Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 24 DavlinPriest Lvl 22 Mellinda Warlock Lvl 21 Phat Lewtz: Gratz to Mellinda Gratz to Mellinda Lessons Learned: Healers dont like playing "Chase the MT". Check just inside the doors first.

SW1V – Run 08 – BFD 3rd Dec 2006

The Stormwind 1st V made their first outing in many months with a trip to the previously unexplored Blackfathom Deeps. The break seemed to have done no harm as the party swept through the instance without a single death. Some proclaimed the dungeon too easy for a group of such high calibre. Take note Gnomeregan! We're coming for you! Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 27 (Tom) Silentninja Rogue Lvl 25 (Rich) Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 28 (Matt) Davlin Priest Lvl 25 (Alex) Mellinda Warlock Lvl 26 (James) Phat Lewtz: Gratz to Eredin Gratz to Davlin Gratz to Daftwandarer Lessons Learned: Crabs are cowards Matt is a Leroy

SW1V – Run 01 – DM 28th April 2006

The Stormwind 1st Vs first outing resulted in a successful clearing of The Deadmines as Far as Mr Smite. Following Smites death the team pulled half the instance from Kalimdor and wiped in an heroic fashion. Obscene aggro radii FTW. Game over was declared shortly after due to respawns. Gratz to all. Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 18 (Tom) Silentninja Rogue Lvl 16 (Rich) Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 18 (Matt) Davlin Priest Lvl 15 (Alex) Mellinda Warlock Lvl 15 (James) Phat Lewtz: No blue or epic drops Lessons Learned: Repair first plx! Pros bandage between Smite phases