Assorted Geekery

Hordes of the Things – Part 01 – From tiny acorns …

These things always have a way of starting fairly innocuously. Tom and myself were sitting around, enjoying a frosty beer after a particularly hard fought game of “Battles for Empire” (Anglo-Zulu War). To hand was a box of old magazines which I was too sentimental to recycle, mostly ‘White Dwarf’ […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 02 – Selecting a system

So, with this initial idea buzzing around my head I started to round down the specific details.  Firstly miniatures scale.  This was a bit of a no-brainer as the scale it pretty much dictated to you by GW when you choose fantasy.  Although I love 6mm as a scale, there […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 10 – Lurker

For 1AP per element, lurkers are cheap and if used correctly, highly effective.  +2 in combat they are hardly the best combat units available, but their ability to appear an any area of ‘bad going’ entered by the enemy means they can cause havoc in your opponents line disproportional to […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 03 – The farming of the noobs

Ok, so now the grunt work begins.  I would sorely love to walk into games workshop and pick up 2x 8000 point fantasy armies to game with unfortunately on my quite meagre paycheque this wasn’t going to happen without t  a lottery win.  The next best manufacturer of fantasy figures […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 09 – Behemoth

Behemoth is one of the most powerful unit types, with a +4 vs foot and a +5 vs mounted, there is very little that can win in a 1-on-1 fight with a behemoth.  Spear is probably the best thing to hold the line against behemoth with, but even then its […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 14 – Magicians

Magician, or Caster as we sometimes refer to them, are one of those unit types which give Hordes its character.  They are powerful, but not ‘broken’, they provide the longest range attack in the game, and require no line-of-sight to do so.  For a whopping 4AP you definitely get what […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 15 – Hero

Even for 4AP per element Heroes are simply sick.  They can cover great distances quickly at 500p per turn,and +5 vs all enemies makes them unstoppable in combat . The only elements that get a quick kill against them are paladins or artillery (Neither of which the opposing side have) […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 04 – Blade

Blade represent high quality well drilled infantry, moving in tight formation. For this reason they are slow (Equally in Bad going or in the open), but do very well in combat against other foot units (+5).  The are vulnerable to Mounted units however (only +3).  They are Quick-killed by Warband, […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 05 – Warband

In the first edition of Hordes of the Things, Warband was definitely the worst troop choice going.  At twice the points cost of Horde it was only slightly more combat effective.  Thankfully in 2nd Edition they were buffed slightly, and the semi-official-unofficial errata to the HoTT rulebook brings them up […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 08 – Artillery

Artillery is one of the more interesting units from Hordes.  A 500pc attack range is devastating, they freak out behemoth and dragon (causing a flee rather than a recoil), and can cause recoils on most other units long before they are under threat.  However they are quick-killed in close combat […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 11 – Beast

Beasts work best in bad going, they are the only mounted unit which can fight in bad going and not suffer a penalty.  Combines with lurkers a cunning player can pretty much command all the areas of terrain on the table and funnel their opponents troops into convenient locations.  2APs […]