Assorted Geekery

Salute 2012

Photos from the annual pilgrimage (of all of 4 miles) to Salute at London Excel. Stunning show as always. This years big thing: SAGA (Everyone brought an army) This years best deal: a Ton of 28mm resin scenery from Tablescenic(?) This Years WOW factor: Retreat to Corunna by Essex Gamesters - napolionic peninsular war on a truly impressive scale. This years most deserved apology: Although we offended a lot of people this year, the most deserving of an apology is 'South London warlords' sorry for all the nasty things we had to say about WH40K apocalypse.

Occupy London – March 2012

I figured I would get some photos of the Occupy London camp before the police come and move them on. Got chatting to a few of the guys at the camp, much more level-headed than how the media portrayed them. They are not calling for an end to capitalism, or abolishing the government, all they seem to want is a little bit more regulation of financial services. Can’t really argue with that.

Games Weekend APR 2012 – Great War – No Retreat – Warhammer Quest

Photos from the Games weekend over at Tom's, early April 2012. Opened with a great WW1 game. The first trial of the hex-based game ‘No-Retreat’ (Review coming shortly). Weekend was rounded up with probably the most epicly insane game of Warhammer quest ever played. where our lvl 3 group was faced by a dark-elf sorcerer who transformed into a chimera, certain death for any group, but not us, down she went and all 4 survive to fight another day. Gallery also contains some photos of Tom's forge, and “Drucilla, destroyer of worlds” (The cat)