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Hacking the Hannspree Hannspad – Part 4 – The ‘Hard’ Backup

The following has been tested under Windows XP SP3 and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, But you should be fine under Windows XP/Vista/7 and any vaguely up-to-date Linux install. You will also need the following files. ClockWorkMod Recovery Okay, The first thing we want to do is Backup everything […]

Hacking the Hannspree Hannspad – Part 5 – Installing the new ROM

Now to copy over the files we need to load a custom image… Power off the Tablet, and unplug the data cable, Keep it plugged into the power supply. Power the tablet back on in normal mode. Once Booted, plug the usb cable back in and enable USB transfer on […]

Hacking the Hannspree Hannspad – Part 2 – Hardware .. Hannspad vs iPad

This was a piece I hadn’t originally intended to write, however I thought before modding the tablet I should learn a bit about its inner workings. What I discovered was that the Hannspad is very much a ‘top end’ tablet, which for its low price I find confusing. What follows […]