Assorted Geekery

The Great War in 28mm

A series of articles tracking the progress of a 28mm World War One project, using The ‘Great War” Rules by Warhammer Historical. There has been a bit of a surge in the popularity of World War One wargaming in the last couple of years, and some great rulesets and ranges […]

Saga – Part 04 – Rich’s Normans + painting guide

I couldn’t tell you why I picked the Normans.  We all picked our respective forces based on looks rather than any insight into the rules.  The Normans have this very distinctive feel about them, with the stylised nose-guard helms and kite shields, they should be recognisable to anyone.    The […]

New Project – WH40K – The Siege of Vraks (On a Shoestring Budget)

Of all the Imperial Armour books, The Siege of Vraks is the one that’s really got me enthusiastic. Unfortunately collecting 1500 points worth of 40K figures is prohibitively expensive, let alone collecting the 10000 X 2 points worth to play the scenario. (X2 because we always buy and paint both […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 02 – Selecting a system

So, with this initial idea buzzing around my head I started to round down the specific details.  Firstly miniatures scale.  This was a bit of a no-brainer as the scale it pretty much dictated to you by GW when you choose fantasy.  Although I love 6mm as a scale, there […]