Assorted Geekery

Games Weekend Jan 2013

Not really a proper games weekend due to the lack of James and space to play a large game. Originally the guys were supposed to come down to help clear the jungle that is the back garden, but due to some heavy snow we ended up just having birthday beers, cake and a few boardgames. Includes first play throughs of "X-Wing" and "Conquest of Nerath" - reviews to follow shortly. Cake awesomeness thanks to Lorna

Firearms – 2nd Sept 2011

These are a few pictures from Howard Williamson's collection. Although we were visiting him on business, he took the time to talk us through his amazing collection of firearms spanning a variety of periods, including Napoleonic, Crimean, Anglo-Zulu War, American Civil War, The Great War, and The Second World War. Its not every day you get to handle a Martini-Henry Rifle from the Zulu Wars, or a Short Magazine Lee-Enfield. So A Big thanks to Howard for taking the time to talk us through each piece and the history behind it.