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WG - "Mad Cat Lady" lifegain deck

Posted By: Rich

Tagged: white - mtg - magic the gathering - lifegain - green -

So this is an idea I've been playing around with since I flipped a

Felidar Sovereign
in a zendi booster, and traded another one for a few odds and ends. Although it looks fairly hard to get a play off, I've always had a thing for non competitive left field decks.

Its worth noting here this deck is just built out of what I've got in boosters and traded with mates - this isnt intended to be competitive in standard, just a bit of casual fun at FNM.

White Green - Mad Cat Lady - v1.0


10 Plains
8 Forest
3 Graypelt Refuge


2 Perimeter Captain
3 Ajanis Pridemate
3 Axebane Guardian
2 Pride Guardian
1 Rhox Faithmender
3 Felidar Sovereign
3 Serra Ascendant
3 Souls Attendant
3 Soul Warden


4 Heroes Reunion
2 Awe Strike
2 Rest for the weary
3 Cradle of vitality
1 Celestial Mantle
3 Well of lost Dreams
1 Elixir of Immortality

I always liked

Soul Warden
back around 7th / 8th ed in red/white weenie rush decks, and the functional reprint of warden

Souls Attendant
is just asking to stack these to the ceiling

Rhox Faithmender
doubles up any gains for

Cradle of vitality
to proc, while

Serra Ascendant
is just plain busted - need to find another one of those.

Green has been splashed just for

Heroes Reunion
. But while splashing green you have to bolt a mana ramp onto a deck, otherwise you are just going to a steakhouse and ordering a salad.

Axebane Guardian
is IMHO one of the best cheap mana ramp cards going,

Pride Guardian

Perimeter Captain
are in there to drop early to hold the line against a rush, and have natural synergy with the rest of the deck, but they were primarily chosen to power the axebane ramp. The only reason for the mana ramp is to pump up

Well of lost Dreams
, which is the decks mid/late game drawing engine incase the board gets nuked early.

Anyway - comments welcome, just bear in mind its done out of spares and trades and isnt supposed to be taken seriously.