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Carrier Taskforce – Part 4 – Aircraft

With the ships done, its time to look into airpower.  Navwar also produce 1:3000 aircraft to go with the ships, although these are pretty much pushing the boundaries of sanity in terms of size.  An F4F Wildcat with a wingspan of 11 meters in reality would scale down to around a 3mm wingspan in 1:3000.   

Pictured Below are Japanese Nakajima B5N “Kate” Torpedo bombers on the Left, and A6M “Zero” Fighters on the right.  



Navwar Provider the models, but leave it upto players to arrange their own basing solution.  Fortunately I had some “Spider Stands” left over from our Full-Thrust project, and Ground Zero games who produced them sell extras separate on their website for 50p a piece.  The Metal components from GZG did have some casting imperfections, but these were fixed in 5 minutes with a sharp knife.  



Once cleaned up the metal ‘spider’ fits onto a standard flight stand.



Pictured below, Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter squadron



Pictured below, Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter squadron