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WH40K – Dark Vengeance

What can I say, yeah, they got me again.

 Dark Vengeance is the latest “Limited edition” boxed set from GW. Following 4 years of regret never having picked up the limited edition space hulk (now going on ebay for a cool £200 a shot, four times its retail price) I figured I’d pick this up. Oh speaking of Limited edition Boxed sets, Lex, when are you going to post the pics of the dreadfleet project??.

‘Dark vengeance’ is to WH40K 6th Edition what the ‘Assault on Black Reach’ box was to 5th. So it contains armies of equal points cost (The word ‘balanced’ absent intentionally), a stripped down rulebook, templates etc. Its a fairly smart pattern in terms of marketing, it lowers the financial cost for existing players to upgrade to 6th (we only pay £40 for the rulebook instead of £60 for a boxed game with 2 armies we may not even want) but the boxed set option is there for new or returning players. The 2 “balanced” armies in a box is also a great idea, it means that there is all the essential components to play a game right away, rather than sitting there varnishing 2000 points worth of painted marines when your buddy hasn’t even taken his miniatures out of the box yet.

Given I had already pre-ordered the 6th Edition Rulebook, this was a bit of a superfluous purchase. However I decided to go for it for it simply because the models looked amazing, and since we ebayed the tyranid army for horrific profit, we have been lacking 2x painted WH40K armies inhouse. I thought that the starting point for 2 armies for £65 was a good investment. I Say starting point, both sides have 2 quite nice characters, but only a handfull of troops. Its a good bit of design because you can just add a few squads to each force without having to invest in more (massively overpriced) characters from GW.

Next article will be a review of the box content. There will probably be a delay before I can do a follow up on painting because this stuff all has to be boxed up soon in order to move house