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Hordes of the Things – Part 09 – Behemoth

Behemoth is one of the most powerful unit types, with a +4 vs foot and a +5 vs mounted, there is very little that can win in a 1-on-1 fight with a behemoth.  Spear is probably the best thing to hold the line against behemoth with, but even then its still 50/50 win or loose.

Some interesting things with behemoth, they destroy anything they recoil into, and they Flee from Artillery and Magic.  If faced with behemoth advancing at you, your best chance of winning is to hit them in the side and try to cause a bad recoil down their own line.  Otherwise try to keep them at a safe distance with Magic or Artillery to cause Flee results instead of the usual recoil.  If none of these options are open to you, just throw the cheapest unit you have at them to keep them busy whilst trying to gain decisive advantage elsewhere on the battlefield.    

Ok, so what models to use for the behemoth, the first choice was the Ogre units from Battlemasters.  These are probably some of the worst models ever made, and required a lot of putty to fix them up where the 2 parts of the kit don’t quite match up.  The Putty used is Milliput 2-part epoxy putty.  


Next up are the orgres from the D&D boardgame, sown below in brown.  Cast in cheap soft plastic they needed some serious scrubbing and undercoating before paint would even stick to them.  Once done they were sprayed black, drybrushed brown and had a few details picked out.




Needing still more ogres I turned to my attic collection.  Amongst all the debris I had half a copy of Heroquest ‘against the ogre horde’  which came with 8 or so multipart ogre models .. although only 4 survived 20 years in the attic, they painted up well enough to be used.  




Further butchering the half-missing boardgames in the attic, waddingtons darkworld yielded a few ogres to be used.  



A half broken copy of Warhammer Quest also yielded 2 of the original 3 minotaur’s 

The finished models were based up randomly 3x to an 80x80mm square plasticard base, and flocked in javis number 19 flock.