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Hordes of the Things – Part 08 – Artillery

Artillery is one of the more interesting units from Hordes.  A 500pc attack range is devastating, they freak out behemoth and dragon (causing a flee rather than a recoil), and can cause recoils on most other units long before they are under threat.  However they are quick-killed in close combat and won’t survive for long.  Best tactics are to make sure you have them anchored onto a terrain piece and make sure they have an escort to keep them safe.  Don’t move them, set them up with the aim to deny an area of the table to your opponent so you can fight on the ground of your choosing, they are not to be considered a combat unit, more a force multiplier, or a ‘fix’ for an unfavorable terrain layout. 

Artillery was definitely another “Good guys only” Unit type.  The only downside is that they are 3AP each, and the Good guys don’t have any other odd-number AP units.  Consequently they are forced to take a pair of artillery elements in the same army in order to not waste valuable points, which skew the force balances slightly.  Still its worth it to send panicking behemoths running to the hills.  

The models are the ‘mighty cannon’ from MB Games Battlemasters.  Painted black, drybrushed bronze, wood picked out in watered-down beastly-brown.  The Crew were done at the same time as the bow, and follow the same method of painting.