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The Badab war – Apocalypse 6th ed rule book II

so having the read the rule book in a little more depth, the game looks quite different to 4th ed games of apoc. The lowest bid deployment is gone, instead replaced by a preset time limit (they say around 30mins, then everything else in reserve) which to me seems a fair rule removes the whole rushing to bid lowest and get all your models out then breaking them, if you cant place your models in 30 mins something is wrong! they have added some optional rules that just look timmy. The master of disaster adds what GW think is probably fun and unpredictability to games which i guess if you play it all the time is true but for casual gamers to me just gets silly. Basically you D6 at the start to find which disaster set you play from,these being warp storm breach, magma storm, psychic conjunction, seismic explosion zombie apocalypse and exterminatus. once you decide which one to play with you then each turn randomly select the master of disaster who then rolls a D3 adds the game turn to get one of 3 effect that turn, pritty much all of them are bad but the worst has to be the top exterminatus roll where the exterminatus goes off and all models suffer a Str10 ap2 hit basically killing everything on the table thats not got an invunrable save. However their are some interesting special rules now where tanks moving in formation get additional universal special rules giving the tactical player some benefit to not just rolling across the table, plus they have cleaned up some of the wording meaning no longer can you argue that every squad in a titan hammer formation has a vortex grenade! PLus one final addition is the new Warzone addons, these are going to be additional supplements that give full breakdowns for campaigns i’m guessing kinda similar to imperial Armour.