Assorted Geekery

SW1V – Run 07 – SFK 2nd June 2006

Second time in Shadowfang Keep turned out quite easy for the group! A fast run with no wipes or deaths yielded some good loots. Odo was taken down with additional mobs due to a runaway feared bat, but the Wolfmaster and Arugal himself were downed without trouble. Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 25 (Tom) Silentninja Rogue Lvl 24 (Rich) Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 25 (Matt) Davlin Priest Lvl 22 (Alex) Mellinda Warlock Lvl 23 (James) Phat Lewtz: Gratz to Eredin Gratz to Davlin Gratz to Davlin Lessons Learned: Do not fear bats on Odo lol. Arugal is not alone!