Assorted Geekery

SW1V – Run 01 – DM 28th April 2006

The Stormwind 1st Vs first outing resulted in a successful clearing of The Deadmines as Far as Mr Smite. Following Smites death the team pulled half the instance from Kalimdor and wiped in an heroic fashion. Obscene aggro radii FTW. Game over was declared shortly after due to respawns. Gratz to all. Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 18 (Tom) Silentninja Rogue Lvl 16 (Rich) Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 18 (Matt) Davlin Priest Lvl 15 (Alex) Mellinda Warlock Lvl 15 (James) Phat Lewtz: No blue or epic drops Lessons Learned: Repair first plx! Pros bandage between Smite phases