Assorted Geekery

Server Stats for 2011

Its been about 2 years since the site went live .. and although its been one of those projects that’s gone through phases of near-abandonment and then fits of activity, i thought it would be interesting to have a look at the stats.  Reports generated from AWSTATS based on the apache server log files. 

I guess its a chance to see if anyone is actually reading the stuff we put online, I don’t think any of the team really cares either way if anyone reads this sites content or not, but I thought it would be interesting to see whats popular.

A colourful graph going up .. Feel free to print that off and use it in the workplace to wave at middle management types .. managers have a boner for colourful graphs that go up. 

I didn’t really think the Hanspree article was any good (and i wrote it) .. was really surprised to see that top out the hits,  Should really do a follow-up for that piece.  Also gonna disable hot-linking to the files now i have seen how many other sites are leeching.

FYI Taxony term 18 on the graph above is a search for all content tagged “Sci-Fi”

Breakdown by OS and browser.  No surprise to see the fox on top of the browsers, as much as I love chrome, its not got the add-ons that fox has.  As for operating systems, Linux is over-represented compared to its actual installed user-base, but i guess thats the nature of the content.

Referral stats hint at the existence of search engines that are not google.  I have no idea why anyone would bother running such a service. 

What irritates me the most is that Lex topped off the searches with his Tyberos/Astral-Claws piece .. models which he not only failed to paint, but also managed to fucking dissolve into sludge by his complete incompetence.  Still going to get him to do a follow-up on those 4 apocalypse armies he is painting .. Looks like Toms WHQ series was also very popular.