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Saga – Part 05 – Game 1 – Normans Vs Anglo-Danes

Match 1 – James’ Anglo-Danes vs Richards Normans.

The First game played using the Saga rules system – first runs through always take a while, and this was no exception, however the rules are a lot simpler than some other systems we have played, so it all flowed quie well.

Some issues with the terrain rules, as 2 of the 3 required pieces were not placed in this game, due to there being no legal place on the table for them.  Although this is more a problem with our groups terrain collection rather than the rules


Initial Deployment

james wins deployment – on beard

Anglo-Danes get the first turn and move off, using “Trapped” ability on a few Norman units to inflict some early fatigue (Marked by coins)

Jame’s Warlord and Hearthguard take the rocky center ground.


Rich Rolls some insane results for shooting – 12 peasants with bows – 6 dice – 6×6’s – Boom!

Despite the epic sucess of the Norman ranged troops, The Anglo-Dane warriors storm the Norman right flank and catch the Warlord out in the open, winning the game.

Lesson learned –

  1. Deploy 11 inches forward not 12 
  2. Warlords arn’t tanks – and as such die easly
  3. Buy smaller terrain pieces