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Saga – Part 02 – What’s in the box

Ok, so whats in the box.  

Well firstly it doesn’t come in a box, but your basic starter set-up is as follows:


The Saga rulebook – Quite thin, which is reassuring fr a quickplay game.  But the £25 price tag puts it at the “premium” end of the market.  Still I’m willing to let that pass as its a new comer, and the 4x “battle boards” are printed on decent quality cardboard stock, which is probably a contributing factor to the price.  

The Starter armies are a great little package.  Ranging from between £30 and £65 these each contain a 4 point starter army.  The more expensive boxes are those containing cavalry, but the number of figures seems to be fairly similar across all of them.  The figures are of a good quality, and the hard ‘DVD’ style cases pioneered by Mantic games are handy for storage.

Dice – I have mixed feelings about the dice.  Saga’s trademark feature is its quirky rune-dice for each army.  While custom dice are a great way of having asymmetric random number generation, at £12 a set, and being mandatory, I cant help but feel a little taken advantage of in terms of cost.  Still the battle-board and custom dice is a nice mechanic, and adds a lot of flavour to the game.  

Although not required I also picked up a set of transfers for my army – produced by “Little big men”