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Saga – Part 01 – Salute 2012

Two years ago we did a project a bit like this.  We saw a game we liked at salute, and the 4 of us all brought a starter box, painted our forces, painted and played a few games in under a month.  If you look through this site, somewhere you will find our “Full Thrust” project.  Somehow against all the odds, against wargaming traditions, we actually made a spur-of-the-moment purchase come to fruition.  We are kind of hoping SAGA from gripping beast / tomahawk will have the same success.

Salute 2112 was, as salute always is, absolutely amazing.  Gripping beast had their stall front and centre, and drawing quite a crowd by the time we got to the front of the queue.  And you could see what product was making wave, everybody wanted to get in on the SAGA action.  

After watching 10 minutes of the demo game we were sold.  It looked a lot quicker and slicker than some other historical games.  But it had enough ‘tricks’ to keep use ‘Magic the Gathering’ players happy too.