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Removing Duplicate Page Titles in Drupal 6 with FBG

This information is relevant to people using Drupal 6, and the Fluid Baseline grid framework. I’m assuming you have made a FBG subtheme in the usual place. By default you’ll get the site name displayed twice on the front page. Once as the Site name, and once as the front page node title. This is annoying, and a waste of space, but can be fixed with a little php tweak. I know this is simple stuff, but i figured put it up to help out any new Drupal users who may be googling for it. Open the following file in yr favorite text editor (NotePad++ is free, open source, and excellent) \sites\all\themes\SUBTHEME\page.tpl.php Find the section in

This is just outputting all the elements at the top of the page. Adjust this code as follows, substituting in your own site name
"Special Fried Dice"){?>

And that should be it. Hope this has helped someone somewhere.