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First (big) Game of 28mm ‘Hordes of the Things’ – 15th Apr 2011

The night before salute was the debut of my 28mm “Hordes of the Things” game .. although we only got 4 of the intended 6 armies on the table, a close fought game ensued. Armies were 36 points per side (keeping the standard D6 pips). Mat and Tom took the ‘Forces of Light’ (Men and Elves), and Alex and James commanded the ‘Forces of Darkness’ (Mostly Greenskins and Chaos Worshippers). Although The Forces of light commanded the early game, with withering ranged fire from Bow and Cannon and a superbly effective cavalry charge by Mat, the Forces of Darkness slowly turned the tide with a countercharge of Ogres and Vicious Ariel attacks by Dragons. Allied Spellcasters held the line briefly, but were brutally cut off and killed by aerial attack. End Result : 2 Light-Side Commands Demoralised to only one Dark side Command demoralized. Victory to the night, but rematch pending.