Assorted Geekery

SW1V – Run 06 – SFK 30th May 2006

Shadowfang Keep was cleared at the first attempt. With most players at the bottom end of the level bracket Arugal was taken down in a close fight. Only 2 wipes occured during the run, mostly due to obscene aggro radius. Gratz to all on completeing the instance at such a low level! Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 24 Silentninja Rogue Lvl 23 Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 24 DavlinPriest Lvl 22 Mellinda Warlock Lvl 21 Phat Lewtz: Gratz to Mellinda Gratz to Mellinda Lessons Learned: Healers dont like playing "Chase the MT". Check just inside the doors first.

SW1V – Run 05 – DM 25th May 2006

Deadmines cleared in what may be the groups last venture the Westfall instance. Smite was downed with multiple adds again. One wipe only due to the usual Captain Greenskin ninja pull but soulstone to the rescue. Vancleef was taken down cleanly. Very nice loots this run. Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 23 Silentninja Rogue Lvl 22 Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 23 Davlin Priest Lvl 20 Mellinda Warlock Lvl 20 Phat Lewtz: Taskmaster Axe Gratz to Daftwandarer Lavishly Jeweled Ring Gratz to Daftwandarer Emberstone Staff Gratz to Davlin Gratz to Mellinda Gratz to Silentninja Lessons Learned: Those walkways should have safety rails FFS! Third time is a charm.

Salute 2011

Pictures from “Salute 2011” Saturday April 16th. As always a awe inspiring show, with all the usual traders and spectacular games on display, for both participation and spectators. Wargames Illustrated stole the show with their Great War display game of the 1915 Galipoli offensive.

SW1V – Run 01 – DM 28th April 2006

The Stormwind 1st Vs first outing resulted in a successful clearing of The Deadmines as Far as Mr Smite. Following Smites death the team pulled half the instance from Kalimdor and wiped in an heroic fashion. Obscene aggro radii FTW. Game over was declared shortly after due to respawns. Gratz to all. Attendance: Eredin Warrior Lvl 18 (Tom) Silentninja Rogue Lvl 16 (Rich) Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 18 (Matt) Davlin Priest Lvl 15 (Alex) Mellinda Warlock Lvl 15 (James) Phat Lewtz: No blue or epic drops Lessons Learned: Repair first plx! Pros bandage between Smite phases

Hordes of the Things – Part 11 – Beast

Beasts work best in bad going, they are the only mounted unit which can fight in bad going and not suffer a penalty.  Combines with lurkers a cunning player can pretty much command all the areas of terrain on the table and funnel their opponents troops into convenient locations.  2APs […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 08 – Artillery

Artillery is one of the more interesting units from Hordes.  A 500pc attack range is devastating, they freak out behemoth and dragon (causing a flee rather than a recoil), and can cause recoils on most other units long before they are under threat.  However they are quick-killed in close combat […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 05 – Warband

In the first edition of Hordes of the Things, Warband was definitely the worst troop choice going.  At twice the points cost of Horde it was only slightly more combat effective.  Thankfully in 2nd Edition they were buffed slightly, and the semi-official-unofficial errata to the HoTT rulebook brings them up […]

Hordes of the Things – Part 04 – Blade

Blade represent high quality well drilled infantry, moving in tight formation. For this reason they are slow (Equally in Bad going or in the open), but do very well in combat against other foot units (+5).  The are vulnerable to Mounted units however (only +3).  They are Quick-killed by Warband, […]

Ogre “createRenderWindow” Segmentation fault

So, I thought I would have a play around with the Ogre3d library, not with any particular goals in mind, but it looked very accomplished technically, and a simple clean layout of the API made me think, that it would be nice and quick to knock up something visually satisfying […]