Assorted Geekery

New features 13/02/2011

New features added this weekend 11th – 13th Feb *Forum has been re-enabled (duh) *Image gallry content type has been added *Removed the fuck-ton of image upload boxes from BLOG and STORY content types, now just will be using FTP and IMCE for images *Image gallery now supports uploads of ZIP files contining images. (Only Zips continging Jpg Bmp PNG or Gif) .. no support for any proper compression fomats such as bzip or tar.gz .. but maybe soon. *skeliton product review content type has been set up TO DO Formum permissions need to be more granular (at the moment they are lumpy) FTP accounts need to be set up to recuce reliance on IMCE MainImage is not displaying corectly .. this may take aa LONG time to get up and rrunning