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Full Thrust – Part4 – Bringing the heat

So, Alex and I felt like we had a good enough grasp on the rules, and the chatter from Tom and James said that they had their models painted, based and ready to game.  Now just have to wait till the next games weekend rolls around. 

All the Fleets looked great, James monstrous collection nearly filled the table, but thankfully we could just pick out the models from the starter set and game with them till we had all gotten a bit more experience with the rules. 

The Next Game would be a straight match up between myself with the FSE Starter Box, and Tom with the NAC starter box (Plus the escort cruisers the guy at GZG threw in for free). Scattered around the table would be a few of James NI Fleet Carriers and super-dreadnaughts, there were to represent derelict alien vessels which both sides were to attempt to capture.  Victory was to go to the player who managed to board the most vessels and FTL them off the table.

The NAC starter Box

The FSE Starter Box

By the MidGame, The FSE strength was on the wings with a BB or BC holding either Flank, and the Centre padded up with cruisers of various sizes.  Toms slower heavier ships formed his central vanguard whilst faster destroyers and frigates got busy with capturing the objectives. 

Conclusion: Victory to the FSE.  Sustained Missile barrage broke the NAC centre, the remaining ships sat on 3/5 objectives for the win. 

Addendum:  I managed to find a photo of all 4 starter boxes on the table.  Just to prove it is possible for 4 guys to pick up a new game and get it painted without getting distracted.