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Full Thrust – Part2 – Whats in the GZG £25 Starter Box

The Full thrust “starter fleet” boxes from Ground Zero Games are great value, they give you a well rounded fleet to build from as well as a reasonable discount compared to buying the ships separately.  Each pack contains: 1 x BATTLECRUISER (BC), 1 x BATTLESHIP (BB), 1 x HEAVY CRUISER (CH), 1 x ESCORT CRUISER (CE), 2 x LIGHT CRUISERS (CL), 2 x DESTROYERS (DD), 2 x FRIGATES (FF) and 3 x CORVETTES (CT), plus all necessary stands.

As already mentioned we picked up the following boxes

  • Rich – Federal Stats Europa (FSE)
  • Tom – New Anglian Confederation (NAC)
  • Alex – Neu Swabian League (NSL)
  • James – Islamic Federation (IF)
  • Now this would have been a great time to solemnly swear an oath to one another that we would only use the models from the starter boxes and not get into some kind of crazy arms race, but James is a big guy, and we couldn’t really stop him spanking another £80 on ships, but that’s another story.

    Pictured below is my FSE fleet a few days after purchase, the models required very little work in order to get them together, but the other guys had a trickier time of it, the NI and NSL models especially needing some extensive work before they could be assembled and based up.

    I went for a simple paint scheme, Spray Black, Drybrush silver, and pick the odd panel out in red before a super-dry drybrush white to pick out the edges. 


    Alex had gone for the NSL fleet.  Given this was the first time he has ever brought a wargames product, let alone paint anything, I guess he did very well.  The Models were painted Coxex grey, drybrushed white, with the armour panels picked out in skull white, and any other detailing picked out I enchanted blue.

    Seriously, for a first attempt at painting anything, very nice results.