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Badab war – 18 – Yet more changes

I’m making even more changes to game i’ve changed the tyrants legion from using the astral claws paint scheme on the marines as i think it may get confusing who’s army is who’s so having also read a bit more back story i’ve decided to opt for using tiger claws to represent the marines in the tyrants legion. I’ve done a bit of a tester model quickly and i’m quite happy with how its turned out so i think i’m going to do the squads this way instead.

hopefully they should look pritty sweet once dunked.


Now the other big change is to the Salute game. Looking at the amount of tanks i would need to transport i dont think its practical plus putting on a 7000 point game of a rule system were not 100% sure on and having salute to go to aswell i dont htink we’ll have time or space, so instead i’m working on some 1000 point armies to play boarding action rules with. It should be much more simple to play and will basically just have marines and terminantors on the table so will be much much easier to play with out having to look through tables each turn.

Any thought on this are welcome.