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Badab war – 17 – Carcharodons – dunked and almost finished

Having painted the last squad of carcharodons i decided the time had come to dunk them and see how my choice of basing grit worked out. Its the larger typr of GF9 basing stuff and while its more of a pain to put on i dont think its turned out to bad and as allways the dunk has worked its magic and the models look even better than they all ready did.

now appart from a few bits that i missed in the drying the process where its pooled a bit to much i’m really happy with how these have turned out and i think are going to look great on the table. All that needs to be dunked now is the dreadnoughts but they a need a brush to do it woth so i’m waiting till i have to dunk some tanks/ end of the tin till they get done.