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Badab War – 16 – Transfers 01

I felt like a night off painting but still had nothing better to do than work on the project so treated myself to trying out using transfers for the first time. Now i’ve never used these before and having spent £12 a sheet on transfers i didnt really want to screw them up so read up a bit online first, majority of the guides show just how easy they are to use………..

This is not entirely true as placing them on a flat surface is easy however adding them to a shoulder pad is not. After getting it wrong a few times i worked out that scoring the transfers before putting them on the model was the best way if still not perfect, finally i followed a few guides advice and coated all the transfers in ‘ardcoat varnish as there are no wargames shops that i can find in manchester so have to rely on GW, still they havent turned out to bad and hopefully will still dunk fine without loosing half the transfers first. Now on the upside the Carcharodons have a tribal thing going on so they do get to have some funky extra transfers that usually wouldnt be on models you can see these on the vanguard squad and chaplin which i think helps to add justa  bit more and increase the look.


Now this picture has been massivly eddited in photoshop so you can actually see the transfers the white ones are almost impossible to see which makes cutting out the small ones a pain but thankfully worth it


All in all i’m quite happy with how these have turned out, yes £12 for a sheet of transfers is quite a lot of money but they add the finishing touches to the army and to paint the decals on by hand would take way more than £12 worth of work