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Badab war – 15 – tyrants legion 07 – Auxilia Heavy Ordnance Battery

Part of the badab back story is that Huron loves bug guns, so quite a big part of the legions army is artillery and they have 3 earth shaker cannons on the table 2 basalisks and 1 artillry battery. they also get a bombard strike from off table thats str 8 ap 3 using the 7 inch blast marker and once rolled ofr as reserve can be placed anywhere a model has LOS to and then strikes thier each turn for the rest of the game it just dosent have a BS score so may scatter a long way but still hits on a hit so as of yet is undecided how well it can work but for 100 points can do a lot of damage.

So after 2 days of kit bashing and painting we now have a full heavy ordanance battery including a crew of 4 for the gun and a tractor witha crew of 2 to run them round the battle field. 

Hopefully this should combine nicely with the 2 baslisks and take out lots of marines at long range