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Badab War – 09 – tyrants Legion 02 – legion Auxilia part 1

So the main reason for the big gap in posts other than football and a bad shoulder have been these bad boys. The Auxilia is a 40 man squad, yes thats 40 MODELS!!!11111111

For these i’m using the chaos cultists from the 6th ed boxset, yes they are a bit chaosy but its the cherapest way to 40 good quality models on the table and boy are they good quality. even though they are fixed poses and are designed to just snap together the detail is insane and you can get a 40 squad for only £25 a price ive only seen beaten by the mutant chronicles models but these are so bad to glue together i’d rather pay a little bit more.

Any way here are the first few shots of the squad as its still a work in progress but should be finished in the next few days

I’ll try and get some better pictures when the light gets a bit better