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Badab War – 03 – Carcharodons 03 – Titan Hammer Formation

So hot of the painting table today is the Titan hammer Apocalypse formation. Made up of 3 terminator assault squads with thunder hammers and storm shields giving them a 3+ invulnrability save. They must deep strike onto thew table together and deploy within 12 inches of the comander. The big thing they get is a Vortex Granade which should make for some great fun as it stays in the game after being fired then scatters 2D6 each turn (both players) till you role a double.

One of the advantages of the formation is being able to take heavy weapons terminators in each squad so they also include a heavy flamer, assault cannon and cyclone missile launcher just to give them a bit of flexability to hold objectives from ranged attacks

More pictures to follow once we get day light