Assorted Geekery

Badab War – 01 – Carcharodons 01 – Tyberos the Red wake

Leader Of the Carcharodons he’s pritty sick getting some pritty sick rules. Costing 190 points his chapter tactics gives any squad the Rage USR once they win a combat giving them +1 attacks when they charge in 6th ed, should he gain rage he also gets the preffered enemy USR towards that type and gains furious charge giving him +1 strength when assaulting. Over all a pritty tasty model and the forgeworld model is sick. And he only took a day to paint now i just need the dunk to arrive from rich’s

For the paint scheme i’ve used some of the new GW paint range whcih i must say is way more varied than it use to be, which for GW is about time, but i’ve used Fenrisian Grey, then dwarf bronze for all the bolts. I’ve also attempted to do a power weapon effect on the lightning claws which i’m acctually quite happy with, now i just need to base then dunk.