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Saga - Part 07 - Game 3 - Vikings Vs Anglo-Danes

Posted By: Rich

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Match 3 - Toms Vikings vs James Anglo-Danes

The first game of the next day Pitted the Fatigue generating Anglo-Danes vs the Fatigue drinking Vikings

Initial Deployment places 2x units of Viking Hearthgurad (1x upgraded to Berserker) directly opposite the Anglo-Dane Warlord

The Anglo-Dane Warlord charges the Viking Berserkers, and with his faithful Hearthguard, slay them to a man. However the attacking Hearthguard unit is reduced to one survivor, and the warlord is perilously exposed to a counter-charge

Vikings Counter-charge the Anglo-Dane Warlord and win the game

Lessons Learned

  1. We did not learn the last 2 lessons about protecting the warlords

  2. Protect the f*cking Warlord

  3. Viking Berzerkers are a Glass-Cannon