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SW1V - Run 08 - BFD 3rd Dec 2006

Posted By: Rich

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The Stormwind 1st V made their first outing in many months with a trip to the previously unexplored Blackfathom Deeps. The break seemed to have done no harm as the party swept through the instance without a single death. Some proclaimed the dungeon too easy for a group of such high calibre. Take note Gnomeregan! We're coming for you!

Eredin Warrior Lvl 27
Silentninja Rogue Lvl 25 (Rich)
Daftwandarer Paladin Lvl 28
Priest Lvl 25 (Alex)
Mellinda Warlock Lvl 26 (James)

Phat Lewtz:
Gratz to Eredin

Gratz to Davlin

Gratz to Daftwandarer

Lessons Learned: Crabs are cowards
Matt is a Leroy