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Games Weekend APR 2012 - Great War - No Retreat - Warhammer Quest

Posted By: Rich

Tagged: WW2 - WW1 - WHQ - Hinterzerg - great war - 28mm -

Photos from the Games weekend over at Tom's, early April 2012. Opened with a great WW1 game. The first trial of the hex-based game ‘No-Retreat’ (Review coming shortly). Weekend was rounded up with probably the most epicly insane game of Warhammer quest ever played. where our lvl 3 group was faced by a dark-elf sorcerer who transformed into a chimera, certain death for any group, but not us, down she went and all 4 survive to fight another day.

Gallery also contains some photos of Tom's forge, and “Drucilla, destroyer of worlds” (The cat)