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Blue/White Enchant Control in standard

Posted By: Rich

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Took this to FNM for 2HG standard, and got a decent result out of the deck [with a little help for the other guy]. Although all the games were very close, and i dont feel like i deserved the wins as much as i would like. Still its the first time i played a control deck in standard since

Miraris Wake

Decree of Justice
was a combo, and this deck was hacked together the night before with no real idea how it would play out.

The idea is to go long, using

supreme verdict
to nuke any rush. Use the enchant based removal to make

Ethereal Armor

Sphere of safety

UW Enchant Control


4 hallowed fountain
10 plains
10 island


4 Judges familiar
4 invisible stalker
2 auramancer
2 Stealer of secrets


4 supreme verdict
4 oblivion ring
4 pacifism
4 Ethereal Armor
2 Sphere of safety
2 detention sphere
4 curiosity

After playing 3 rounds of 2hg my thoughts are as follows:

Judges familiar
isn't as good as i would have likes, although he is a 1-drop, people didnt play around the threat of a counter as much as i would have liked. Also with 1 toughness he is vulnerable as hell. If your opponent isn't holding any removal a turn 1 owl, into a turn 2

is nice, but dropping enchants on a 1/1 is setting yourself up to be on the wrong side of a 2-for-1 exchange. Also he is a really bad fit for this deck, if you enchant him you loose the threat of the sac/counter. If you are disinclined to enchant him, then he is a poor fit for the deck.

On the flip side,

invisible stalker
is a trooper. Hexproof and unblockable, means your investment is safe, dropping either


Ethereal Armor
on this guy is a great investment. Once those

s and

oblivion ring
s start to hit the table a 4/4 unblockable dude is quite a threat.