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SFD 3.0 - new site layout

Posted By: Rich

Tagged: website - mobile - html5 - css3 -

After a week or so coding a few hours every evenings, the site finally has its layout re-vamped. There was something about getting my mobile phone upgraded that kicked me into action to make this website smartphone / tablet friendly. Theres a subtle humialtion as a techie that comes from not being able to view your own web site neatly from your own damn phone.

The new layouts are "mobile first" in design. That is to say the site was coded primarily for smartphone with the classic PC browser targets being built on top. CSS3 media queries are used to control the rearranging of elements.

This was a really fun bit of coding to do, and I feel I've come away from this project knowing a lot more about CSS3 and HTML5. Still, I haven't had as much time as i would have liked to polish this, so a few apologies. The Photo gallerys still need tidying up and the layout breakpoints may need adjusting. But the Elephant in the room is Internet Explorer. I am still trying to get a Style sheet to work on internet explorer, but its frankly an impossible target, with thousands of bugs, both documented and undocumented. Given how few people actually use Internet explorer these days I'm putting this issues on the back burner, I've got other project on the go and frankly, people can just go download a proper browser.

Although I would like to proudly unveil this as SFD 3.0 its not quite there. Consider this 3.0-RC1. With a few late features and bug fixes to trickle in in the next month or two