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Badab War - 08 - tyrants Legion 01 - Auxilia Siege Defense Squadron

Posted By: Lexx

Tagged: apocolypse - badab - Badab War - Forge World - Games Workshop - imperial armor - Space Marine - tyrants legion - Wargame - warhammer 40000 -

So while i've been waiting for the last few bits of the Carcharodonds to arive i've made a start on the tyrants legion. I decided to have them as the 2nd army as i had most of the components to actually get them finished with out having to hit ebay to hard.

So the first squad to be finished is the first of 3 full leman russ squads each with 3 tanks in them, thats right 9 leman russes on the table. I've opted for a blue/grey coulour scheme as when i got the formula P3 bastion grey i oprignally chose it just didnt quite look right. but personanally i quite like it.

i've opted for keeping these simple as i think it can lead to a bit of overkill if i highlight everything on the tank. Plus these guys are suppose to be quite basic