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If only because you have found and are viewing this site I feel it safe to assume that you, like myself, are what might be termed a geek. While some find this a derogatory term I wear it as a badge of honour (although I'm a comparative n00b myself compared to many). It suggests a certain level of intelect. Due to this I'm hoping that none are offended by the following content. In fact, I expect alot of you are going to relate to this.

I work at a company that designs and developes websites. These include a CMS (Content Management System) allowing the website owner to maintain and update their own site. It's my job to teach these people how to do this. Needless to say we have many customers who are highly intelegent and reasonable people, and many of these are new to IT but are doing their best to learn new skills. Unfortunately the rest of them appear to be Gorram N00bs!!!!

Why oh why would anyone decide to quit their job and pour their lifesavings into a home industry that is based entirely around a website WHEN THEY CAN'T USE THEIR PC!?!?!?!

*Deep Breaths*

Here are just a few examples of what I have to deal with everyday (all company and user names have been omitted because, for some reason, I like my job)

In 1st Place - Sometimes RTFM just doesn't cover it.

Over the phone 
  My Website's not working
Me:  OK, what is it you're trying to do
Customer:  I want to change the writing on the tabs on my site.  It's not working.
Me:  Do you mean your navigation menu?  Where your customers click to say what page they want? 
(i've dealt with this guy before)
Customer:  Yes.  I'm using the guide you sent me but it's not working

We go through process step-by-step over the phone; he says it's not working,  so we do the normal troubleshooting by testing on same browser/OS etc. as user; we can't replicate it.

20 minutes later....
Me: OK.  What I'm going to ask to ask you to do now is to shut down your browser by clicking on the cross in the top right corner of your screen.  In fact, can you just close everything for me please?
A few minutes, much repetition of "the little cross in the top right again" and mumbling from the other end later
Customer: That's done.  What next?
Me: Open Firefox.  Not Internet Explorer remember, but the new blue and red one we just put on.
(Part of the troubleshooting.  IE does wierd things sometimes.)
More Mumbling
Customer: Ok, Done that
Me: Great, now let's try editing your menu again.  Can you log into your site's admin area please?
Yet more mumbling and sloooooooow typing
Customer:  OK, done that.  Don't I need to open the guide too?
Me: No, that's ok.  I'll talk you through it this time and you can use the guide to remind you if you need it next time.
Customer: Then how will I click on the link?
Uh-Oh, I think I see what's happened here
Me: When you've been trying to edit your menu, have you been clicking on the picture on the user guide?
Customer: Yes, The guide's not working.
Me:  The user guide is just a pdf.  The bit you're trying to click on is just a picture.  It's not linked to your site.  You need to be in the admin area of the site and then click on the bit that looks the same there.  Then it will work.
I mean seriously!!!  WTF?!?!?

2nd Place - Coming Soon