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Adventures Beneath the Old World – Part 2: A Quest In Itself

Of course the satisfaction of owning a complete set is somewhat dimmed if it isn’t painted, and therein lies the problem. I dont have the greatest of willpower when it comes to painting but I was determined to see this one through. I wanted to keep the boardgame feel and make sure everything was protected and durable, so that it could get the use it deserved without everything ending up dog-eared and scratched. I therefore put a fair amount of thought into not only getting eveything painted, but also making sure it would endure regular use.

The first obvious step was to buy a good case to house all the miniatures. I did consider cutting my own foam trays to fit the original box, but let that drop as I probably couldnt fit all the miniatures, counters and board sections in if I did this. So I went with a separate case. In the end I chose to go with the same case I use for my World War 1 collection, the KR Multicase. I’ve found these cases to be a good balance between being lightweight and robust, and I can’t recall any of minatures being damaged as long as I’ve used them. There are a lot of options for the foam trays, I went with one of the customizable “pick and pluck” types since I knew it would have to house minatures of a variety of shapes and sizes.